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At RePlanet, we believe environmental organisations should take more responsibility for enhancing research-based solutions towards thriving nature and sustainable societies. That’s why we set up the RePlanet Research Institute. Our goal is to provide the knowledge needed to protect the environment and mitigate climate change, while ensuring human wellbeing. This is needed more than ever. 
While there’s an obvious need for smarter policies, I’m convinced that technology will play a key role in tackling today’s biggest challenges. Generating knowledge to understand what works best requires a commitment to bringing in different perspectives and balanced views. In our organisation, we implement these principles and strive for excellence in the quality of our research. 
The Institute works closely with RePlanet’s campaigners and policy advisers. I am very excited to serve in such a diverse community, one which combines science with advocacy and activism. 

Warm regards,

Dr Inari Kulmunki 




Science-driven | Solution-focused 
Embracing complexity | Elevating awareness

The RePlanet Research Institute serves as an integral part of RePlanet and its network. Our strategy is designed to support RePlanet’s objectives.

At the Institute, we look for solutions to our greatest problems. We promote ways to increase clean energy production, strengthen food security, expand nature and enhance global prosperity. In these efforts, the Institute develops and integrates theories, hypotheses and models from different disciplines, including  physics, biology, climate science, economics, psychology and sociology. Our work is based on the assumption that effective solutions can only be found through strong focus on joint interdisciplinary efforts.


The Institute is building solid cooperation with leading scientists, think tanks, political advisers and activists to establish a diverse network of experts. We want to share our expertise and be influential in shaping the future by solving problems which affect us all. 




The RePlanet Research Institute is a science-driven and solution-focused community that accelerates societies’ transformation towards sustainable practices.



The mission of the RePlanet Research Institute is to contribute to environmental, economic and social sustainability by means of interdisciplinary research, cross-organisational and cross-sectoral cooperation. This will be achieved by increasing understanding of our core areas, and by producing transformative knowledge for policy decision-making, the private sector and civil society.



  1. Conduct high-quality research utilising an inter- and transdisciplinary approach, in collaboration with international partners.

  2. Co-produce solutions towards cleaner energy, enhanced food production, better land use and global prosperity with academic and non-academic partners, politicians and businesses. 

  3. Promote open science by making all our data and publications openly available, and communicating results to the public.

  4. Build a science-driven and solution-focused culture for the environmental NGO sector by advancing interaction between science, politics and activism.

  5. Enhance RePlanet’s credibility and societal impact by generating, collecting and collating data to inform its activities.

  6. Sponsor activities and events in line with the RePlanet Research Institute’s strategy.

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