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We are in a climate emergency, and urgently need to phase out fossil fuels. This is a gigantic global challenge.


That's why RePlaneteers, together with other grassroots activists across the globe, fight for nuclear power as one of the tools to combat climate change. 

In the context of a worsening climate emergency and energy crisis, opposition to nuclear is no longer morally or politically justifiable.

It's time to #RethinkNuclear!


What does the SCIENCE say?

Nuclear power may be controversial to some, but let's take a close look at the data. 

Let's dive in 


Here's how the RePlanet network has worked to support nuclear as a tool to fight climate change. 

Direct action

The war in Ukraine, as well as Germany's decision to phase out nuclear, prompted us to take action at a recently shut down nuclear power plant in Grohnde. 


Organise national campaigns

RePlanet Nederland has launched Kern voor Klimaat (nuclear for climate) to show majority public support for nuclear.


Its visibility in the climate debate has played a major role in the Dutch government's decision to build new nuclear power plants. 


Take to the streets

Across our network, we're opposing shutdowns of existing nuclear plants. 

Here we see our Polish member group FOTA4Climate protesting in Brussels against Belgium's plans to build gas-fired power plants while shutting down nuclear. 


Write groundbreaking reports

Germany's decision to phase out its nuclear power fleet and expand its coal power fleet is mind-boggling to us.


Even before the Ukraine war, this decision caused a major energy crunch.


We've calculated how many emissions Germany would have saved. This was our One Billion Tons report. 

Check out the report.

Check out the website.

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