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It’s a climate emergency! Drop your
old-fashioned and unscientific opposition to nuclear power, and join us in the fight against fossil fuels instead! 



My name is Ia. 

I’m an 18 year old school striker from Sweden. and I’m taking legal action to challenge Greenpeace over their opposition to climate-saving nuclear energy in Europe.


Why I’m taking legal action against Greenpeace: 


In 2022, the European Parliament voted to classify carbon-free nuclear energy as “sustainable” and to include it in an important list called the “Green Taxonomy'' for sustainable finance. This was a HUGE win for science and a MASSIVE bit of good news for me and my generation.

It all sounds a bit nerdy, but it couldn’t be more important. It meant that nuclear, (alongside other clean energy sources like wind and solar) could get the critical financial investment needed to help save our climate.


But in April 2023, I found out something unbelievable. Greenpeace, one of the most influential environmental groups in the world, said that it would sue the EU to try to get nuclear kicked off this crucial investment list.  


This felt like a punch in the stomach to me and my climate school striker comrades. 


Unlike some of the people that run Greenpeace, it’s my generation that will have to live with the consequences of climate change. In my experience young people tend to be open minded to all solutions, including nuclear. It’s an emergency after all! 


My generation trusts respected bodies like the IPCC who say that we can’t meet the Paris climate goals without nuclear energy. Put simply, we trust the science. Our real enemy isn’t the EU’s support for nuclear energy, it’s FOSSIL FUELS.



Electricity generation in the European Union 2022
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Climate heroes

Climate foes

I love Greenpeace. I respect them. I’m inspired by them and I don’t want to see them become totally irrelevant. But sometimes you have to stand up to the people you love.


So, I've joined forces with the grassroots network RePlanet and with the help of a law firm called Houthoff in Amsterdam we’ve submitted papers to the EU Court of Justice asking to enter Greenpeace’s anti-climate court case as an “interested party”, but in defence of carbon free nuclear energy.


So this is where I need your help.


If our application is accepted by the courts, it means that I, along with the help of climate scientists and other experts, will be able to give evidence in the case and  prove that nuclear energy is safe, reliable and necessary. But running a court case is going to be hard, and it’s going to be expensive, and to be able to do this I need your donations and your support.


We're in a worsening climate  crisis, opposition to nuclear is no longer morally or politically justifiable. Embrace nuclear and focus on getting rid of fossils instead. 



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18, Sweden

"I'm not alone in this fight.
We are a youth led campaign working together to take on Greenpeace and defending nuclear around the world"

Filip Auvoja_edited.png


17, Sweden

"we need nuclear power to solve climate change, not just for the planet, but for humanity"

Filip Auvoja



22, Poland

"Let's stop pretending that anti-nuclearism is green."

Jula Galosh 



24, France

"Save the climate, not the interests of fossil fuel companies."

François Jaffré



26, Finland

"Times are changing... and so should old-school environmentalists."

Ellen Ojala



23, the Netherlands

"Clean air and enough energy for everyone? We want all tools on the table."

Freek van der Heide

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-01 at 18_edited.png


23, Denmark

“To deny Europe a clean, efficient and stable energy-source, would be disastrous for the planet”

Mille Justinussen

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-11 at 15.05_edited.png


28, UK & NL

"Nuclear energy is clean energy. We can still save the world, but we need every tool we have. Keep nuclear energy in the taxonomy!"

Luus Broadwell


Also a climate youth who's more concerned about climate than radiation? want to join our action?
reach out,
or join the RePlanet discord and say hi to me! 


why we care about it.

What does the SCIENCE say?

Nuclear power may be controversial to some, but let's take a close look at the data. 

Let's dive in 

Climate thought leaders on nuclear



Renowned climate scientist

"Nuclear power paves the only viable path forward on climate change."


SIGN and share THE Petition


How is this action funded?
This campaign is coordinated with the support of RePlanet

The Dear Greenpeace campaign is run by volunteers. Costs, such as the legal fees for the court case, are being paid for entirely by charitable donations given to RePlanet from individuals and philanthropic foundations. Find out more about our funding in RePlanet's transparency statement here.

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